Racing and Feeling Great

Racing and Feeling Great I love to run. But running can be challenging on the body and can lead to stubborn injuries that won't disappear.  In the past, my running speeds were always determined by old injuries.  Whether a knee or a foot or a back.  This makes it frustrating to race as you always [...]

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Changing Your Running Gait Chiropractor’s Perspective

A chiropractic patient of mine in Caledonia knows that I love to run and work with runners so she often brings me in great running articles from the newspaper to read.  She recently brought one in to my Chiropractic office during one of her appointments titled, “Learn to change your gait”.  It was great to see [...]

Changing Your Running Gait Chiropractor’s Perspective2015-06-16T12:51:22-04:00

Foot Placement When Running Chiropractic Perspective

Foot placement discussed from a Chiropractic perspective One of my Chiropractic patients in Caledonia wanted to share with me a Globe and Mail article titled, “Watch how your foot lands while running,” as she knows that I love to run and work with runners.  The article discussed new running research on foot placement when running. Of [...]

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Sideline Running Injuries With Chiropractic

Running Injuries Runners have the tendency to allow their running injuries to build up over time until they become serious and take them out of the sport. Sideline running injuries with sports Chiropractic care. When we adjust patients mechanics throughout their training we can keep them reaching towards their running goals. Regular Chiropractic adjustments to [...]

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