Improper Breathing Seen Often With Back Problems

Improper breathing is often seen in patients who suffer with back problems I see many people in my Caledonia Chiropractic office who are experiencing back problems.  Many of these patients have improper breathing patterns. This means that they are commonly breathing mainly with their rib cage as opposed to using their diaphragm (breathing muscle).  When you [...]

Improper Breathing Seen Often With Back Problems2021-08-26T13:12:38-04:00

Proper Breathing

Proper Breathing is important for your health. In our office we commonly see patients with poor breathing skills. This is amazing as we breathe all day! Improper breathing comes when all the effort to breathe is done with your rib cage. This commonly over strains the ribs where they connect to your spine and leads to poor [...]

Proper Breathing2021-07-25T21:22:56-04:00