Waking up in Pain?

 Waking up in Pain? Do you wake up with pain? Is your cup of morning coffee accompanied by stiff and achy joints? Listen – most days, just waking up alone is hard enough! If you’re suffering with pain first thing in the morning – it’s likely that you’re dealing with inflammation that can wreak havoc [...]

 Waking up in Pain?2021-09-09T06:48:46-04:00

All I did was…

All I did was… “But Doc, all I did was _______” … bend down to put on my sock. …stand up from my chair. …roll over in bed! You might think it sounds crazy – but odds are good we’ve heard it before! You see, most of the patients we take care of aren’t coming [...]

All I did was…2021-09-09T06:42:36-04:00