Beneficial Effects of Activator on Osteoarthritis Research

Beneficial effects of Activator Chiropractic Instrument in a Rabbit Model of Osteoarthritis - Research Review and Excerpts   This is a review and excerpts of a 2020 research study from  Scientific Reports on the improvement in Osteoarthritis measures in  rabbits with the use of an Activator instrument, specifically an Activator V, which we use in [...]

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Tailbone pain

Tailbone pain is something that we often see at our Chiropractic office in Caledonia. Fortunately, the patient is often able to walk around as the tailbone is not weight bearing. Unfortunately, the tailbone is connected to many things, can impact your daily life, and can be painful! What is the tailbone? The tailbone is a [...]

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Back pain while pregnant

We often see pregnant women at our Chiropractic clinic in Caledonia who are having difficulty with back pain. The changes in the body as well as the new baby can create difficulties for the back. Fortunately, the pain should not be there for the entire pregnancy and should continue to change. Chiropractic is a great [...]

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Resolution of Bell’s Palsy

Here are some of my favourite excerpts and comments from a case study research paper on the resolution of Bell's Palsy following Chiropractic care. The article is titled Resolution of Bell’s Palsy in a 68-Year-Old Man Following Correction of Upper Cervical Subluxation: A Case Report & Review and was published in 2019. What is Bell's [...]

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Resolution of Chest Wall Syndrome

The following are some of my favourite excerpts from a research case study highlighting the improvements while under Chiropractic care that a lady had who was suffering with chronic chest wall syndrome. The research article is titled Resolution of Chronic Chest Wall Syndrome in a 45-Year-Old Female Following Chiropractic Care: A Case Report & Review [...]

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Symphysis Pubic Pain during pregnancy

This is a review of a case study research article highlighting the improvement a pregnant patient had while undergoing Chiropractic care regarding her symphysis pubic pain and dysfunction. Below are some of my favourite excerpts from the article as well as my input describing some of the terms. Enjoy the information and be curious as [...]

Symphysis Pubic Pain during pregnancy2021-07-25T21:30:47-04:00

Sports and Chiropractic

Sports and Chiropractic My patients in Caledonia often see me for injuries related to their sports or to help them keep playing the sports that they love.  These are some of their reasons and my take on how a Chiropractor can help a person in the sports world: Patients say that they use chiropractic to [...]

Sports and Chiropractic2021-11-23T12:11:51-05:00

Racing and Feeling Great

Racing and Feeling Great I love to run. But running can be challenging on the body and can lead to stubborn injuries that won't disappear.  In the past, my running speeds were always determined by old injuries.  Whether a knee or a foot or a back.  This makes it frustrating to race as you always [...]

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Caledonia Chiropractor shares why Posture is so Important

Your Caledonia Chiropractor shares why posture is so important   Who cares about posture? Look at your posture, others do. Through posture you can see someone’s mood, energy, and confidence. Next time you are in a line up (like at a passport office), take a look to see who is happy, sad, depressed, angry, or [...]

Caledonia Chiropractor shares why Posture is so Important2021-09-29T16:45:57-04:00

Rib Pain Helped with Chiropractic

Rib Pain Helped with Chiropractic This is a research case study of a 20 year old who had years of rib pains in his chest after doing exercises at the gym.  Fortunately for him he found a Chiropractor who was able to help him move and heal properly again!  Read some of my favourite excerpts [...]

Rib Pain Helped with Chiropractic2021-07-25T21:19:59-04:00