Brain Exercises from Peking

This information was shared to me by a Chiropractic patient in our office who enjoyed our writing, including our "Grow your brain" information. The link he shared was in Chinese, but some web browsers (including Google Chrome) will translate it for you. I brought information here with some of my input to help you avoid [...]

Brain Exercises from Peking2019-01-11T21:53:34-05:00

Grow Your Brain – Video From Caledonia Health Class

Is your brain growing or shrinking? Dr. Callum Peever presented to Goodness Me Caledonia on the topic of growing your brain - neuroplasticity.  He goes through practical ways that you can grow ... or shrink your brain.  The video below is small part from the health talk which was titled: "Grow Your Brain".  To learn [...]

Grow Your Brain – Video From Caledonia Health Class2021-08-26T13:13:07-04:00