Tailbone pain

Tailbone pain is something that we often see at our Chiropractic office in Caledonia. Fortunately, the patient is often able to walk around as the tailbone is not weight bearing. Unfortunately, the tailbone is connected to many things, can impact your daily life, and can be painful! What is the tailbone? The tailbone is a [...]

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Improper Breathing Seen Often With Back Problems

Improper breathing is often seen in patients who suffer with back problems I see many people in my Caledonia Chiropractic office who are experiencing back problems.  Many of these patients have improper breathing patterns. This means that they are commonly breathing mainly with their rib cage as opposed to using their diaphragm (breathing muscle).  When you [...]

Improper Breathing Seen Often With Back Problems2021-08-26T13:12:38-04:00

Hacking The Nervous System Vagus Nerve

Hacking the Nervous System with the Vagus nerve   As the longest cranial nerve out of the twelve, the vagus nerve begins at the brain stem and continues along the spine to multiple organs including the esophagus, heart, and lungs, and all the way to the abdomen. The main function of the vagus nerve is [...]

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