The snow keeps coming in Caledonia this winter and discussions with patients turn to shoveling techniques in order to not injure their backs.

The best advice I have for patients is to treat the shoveling as an exercise:
Warm up, cool down, take breaks, drink water, and listen to your body.
Dr Peever after shoveling the snow at Caledonia Family Chiropractic in Caledonia
If you shovel properly you will be stronger because of it. If you shovel rushed with poor form you will most likely injure your back.


Overall to avoid hurting your back:

  • do not repetitively twist and bend the low back.                             One way to do this is to move your feet and legs while shoveling and throwing the snow.
  • Utilize all your joints with a strong back when lifting the snow.
  • And when pushing the snow, brace yourself properly.

If you find that you’ve pushed yourself further physically than your normal routine because of the shoveling, schedule a Chiropractic check up to ensure you are ready for the next snowfall.

Caledonia gets its fair share of snow and you will have to shovel. As much as it can be a chore, it can also help keep you strong this winter.

Have a great winter day,

Dr. Callum Peever