Proper Function and Alignment with Chiropractic in Caledonia


When discussing the importance of body function and alignment, it helps our Chiropractic patients to think of an analogy such as cars.

For example:

Can a car with bad alignment still be driven?

Yes – BUT it will never steer and perform to its potential. The tires will wear out quicker.  There will be more noise when on the highway at high speeds.  You might have more difficulty keeping it within the lanes on the highway.  And you definitely won’t be racing this car.

How about a car running on 5 cylinders instead of 6?

Yes, it too can get you from point A to point B – But it will never accelerate to its potential.  Your engine just won’t sound right.  You’ll know something is off, but it is still driving. You might get more smoke coming out the exhaust, maybe even some smells that aren’t normal for a well functioning engine.

Proper Maintenance Extends Life Chiropractic poster

Proper maintenance of your car will extend it’s life.  The same goes for your body.  Chiropractic adjustments encourage proper alignment and function of your body.

Our Caledonia Chiropractors refer to the misalignment in your spine as a vertebral subluxation.  This subluxation or misalignment can have the same effect on your body’s performance as it would a cars!  If you are tired of your body performing like an old rusty car, connect with us in Caledonia to get your body running like its naturally healthy self again.

If you want to function at your best. Chiropractic is for you!

Chiropractic also helps you achieve your best in life by taking a proactive approach to health and wellness, and minimizing the impact of stress on your body.