Welcoming One of our values at Caledonia Family Chiropractic is to be WELCOMING. We strive to create a very welcoming experience for our patients.  This is very important to us as we strive to help our patients move towards healthier living.  We want to create the most welcoming experience possible for these patients. Our patients [...]



Prepared At Caledonia Family Chiropractic, one of our values is to be PREPARED. We strive to be prepared for our patients when they arrive.  This matters a lot to us, and transfers over towards the most welcoming and positive experience for our patients. Our other values are the be Welcoming and On the Ball. If [...]


Age-Proof book

Review of Age-Proof The book titled Age-Proof caught my attention instantly.  It wasn't necessarily the first title, but the saying connected to it; "Living longer without running out of money or breaking a hip".  I loved this and wanted to see what I could find in this book to share with my Chiropractic patients in Caledonia. [...]

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