This information was shared to me by a Chiropractic patient in our office who enjoyed our writing, including our “Grow your brain” information. The link he shared was in Chinese, but some web browsers (including Google Chrome) will translate it for you. I brought information here with some of my input to help you avoid needing to translate them.

The gif videos below are simple coordination exercises that you can perform to exercise your brain.

This information was produced by Peking Union Medical College Hospital and can help exercise the brain. They suggest to do these 4 simple finger movements 20 times a day each. They also refer to the exercises as
Jian Nao Exercises, which translates to brain exercises.

How do these exercises help the brain?

Exercises that require coordination are an amazing way to “grow the brain”. Many times too much effort is put towards brain exercises that only involve thinking, but do not involve any movements. These types of exercises combine both, are easy to do, and have low risk of injury.

What are some other brain exercises?

Balance is another difficult activity for a brain to coordinate that is worth practicing. If you are already having difficulty with your brain, you can see how it would be easier to start with hand coordination exercises first!

Juggling is another activity that involves lots of hand-eye coordination! This can be frustrating to learn, but the key word for growing your brain is LEARN. Once the brain figures out the process to juggle, new brain pathways are grown and created, hence – growing your brain! Watch Dr. Peever teach at the juggling link.

What are your favourite ways to grow your brain?