Add Humour to Your Life

Humour is a great and healthy habit to incorporate into your life. As a Chiropractor, I work to help people live longer, more comfortable and active lives. I try to help people do this with less reliance on medications and more trust in their bodies. 
By building good habits into their routines, I help people accomplish this.  One simple and often overlooked habit that people miss is incorporating humour into their life.  It is hard to laugh when life is challenging and you are in chronic pain. But laughter can be a simple tool that can turn the momentum in your body’s favour and help you feel good.Laughter has been shown to have many healthy benefits and is an excellent way to cope with the demands of work and family. 

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Look for opportunities to laugh more throughout your daily routine.

One way I did this was to tune into Funny 820 on the radio on my drive to work.  It helps me cope with commuting, and definitely feels good!

Here to help you live at your best,

Dr. Callum Peever – Caledonia Chiropractor at Caledonia Family Chiropractic


One of my Chiropractic patients recently handed me some information she thought that I would enjoy.  One of the articles she gave me was a Toronto Star article from 2016 called Humour out of Darkness.  It led me to discover Robert Hawke who helps others incorporate Humour into their lives when fighting cancer.  Here is the link to his website for you to see how important humour is in our lives, at every moment. Robert Hawke website.